This is CCYC!

We are currently enrolling for the 2018-'19 school year!

CCYC is committed to providing the highest quality programming to all families. The early years are the most important time in a child's development.

Early experiences matter!




 This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Mission Statement

Campus Center for Young Children is a high quality early childhood program dedicated to serving the needs of families from Goshen College, College Mennonite Church, and the greater Goshen community through developmentally appropriate learning and faith experiences.

CCYC is sponsored by College Mennonite Church, Goshen College, and Amity Corporation whose shared mission is to provide support for families as they help their children grow to be healthy, thoughtful, responsible, and spiritual individuals. 

CCYC is a non-profit organization and holds its own 501c3 status. CCYC is governed by the CCYC Board of Directors who volunteer their time and talents to ensure a well-run, fiscally responsible, high quality program. Board members for 2017-18 are: Corbin Miller, Tim Koch, Kathy Meyer Reimer, Rebecca Dengler Kaufman, Jodi Beyeler, Rocio Arevalo-Espinosa, Rose Widmer, Breck Herber, Bonnie Martin and Mindi Schlegel.

Educational Philosophy 

The Center focuses on a developmental approach to early childhood education as advocated by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Our philosophy is based on the knowledge that children learn best when they have opportunities to explore their environment through hands-on, age and developmentally appropriate learning activities. The teachers are the architects of the learning environment; that is they use their knowledge of child development in conjunction with the needs of individual children to create a vibrant, sometimes challenging, learning environment. Children are given a variety of opportunities to engage in activities that help to develop all of the developmental domains-social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and sensory.
Our curriculum also emphasizes peace education: understanding and caring about others, dealing creatively with conflict, valuing diversity and working cooperatively with one another. Learning to deal with and diffuse conflict at an early age provides children with a strong sense of self and problem solving skills that will be used throughout life.

CCYC is dedicated to doing what is best for children and staff are committed to following the Code of Ethical Conduct for Early Childhood Professionals, endorsed by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. We are passionate about what we do and strive to do the best for children and families every day.               

Campus Center for Young Children-Goshen