Fee Payment Policy

CCYC is a non-profit program whose financial stability is dependent upon tuition payments for over 90% of budgetary costs. We enter into a “good faith” contract with each family that payments will be made on a regular schedule, for the duration of the school year. Parents are asked to adhere to the following criteria:
  • Weekly fees are determined by dividing the annual tuition into equal payments, based on the length of the school year. Full fees are in effect whether or not your child is in attendance, for partial weeks of the CCYC calendar, and unplanned closures (weather, unforeseen maintenance issues, etc.)
  • A deposit equal to the fee amount of two (2) weeks is required for all children at the time of enrollment. This deposit will be applied to tuition charges incurred during enrollment at CCYC. 
    • The first weekly payment of fees is due at the beginning of the first week of enrollment
    • At Campus there are two semesters each school year. The first semester runs from the beginning of classes in August to Christmas break. The second semester runs from the beginning of school in January to the end of the school year in May
    • Arbor Ridge is a year-round program
  • Fee payments will be made on a regular schedule, i.e. weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Fees are prepaid for the upcoming week.
  • Payments may be made by cash, check, MasterCard or Visa.
    • Cash or check payments are to be placed in the drop box on the office door. Cash payments should be placed in an envelope with the child’s name  
    • Payments made by check do not require an envelope
    • Credit card payments require a complete credit card authorization form to be completed by the parent. A $15 convenience fee will be charged monthly for tuition paid by credit card