Janet Whalen

Executive Director: Janet Whalen Couch

Janet has been with CCYC since the very beginning when we opened in 1997. She has a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education from Western Michigan and over 30 years experience in Early Childhood education. She also teaches college courses for Ivy Tech and enjoys spending time with her 5 grandchildren and puppies.

Goshen College Campus Staff

Sara Stump

Assistant Director: Sara Stump

Sara recently received a Master's certificate in Early Childhood from Ball State University and has been a part of CCYC for the past 7 years. She has both classroom experience and administrative experiences at CCYC. She enjoys bike rides with the family and spending weekends up at her in-laws cabin in Michigan. 

4/5 year olds


Amy Obarsky, Lead Teacher

Amy graduated from Indiana University with a bachelors and associates degree.
This is her second year in the 4’s classroom at CCYC. She’s been teaching early childhood education for 8 years. She loves the creative, independent ideas that each child brings to the classroom. She feels passionate that early childhood education is an important tool for children’s social emotional behavior development. Where every day play becomes next weeks lesson.

Jenny Bauman

Jenny Bauman, Assistant Teacher

Jenny has been with CCYC for 7 years, and has taught in the 2’s and 4/5 year old classes. She has a Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) in Early Childhood and has over 10 years experience in the field.

3 Year Olds


Michelle Mullet, Lead Teacher

Michelle has had the privilege of working at CCYC for 12 years and of those, has taught 11 years in the 3’s class. She received her Associate’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree both in Early Childhood Education. She loves teaching and exploring with children. She enjoys the opportunity to help children gain skills they will need to succeed in life. Michelle’s passion is to be an educator and help lay the foundation in their early years.


Jessica Green, Assistant Teacher

Jessica is job sharing the 3’s class this year with Jen. Jessica is here with us on Thursday’s and Fridays. Jessica has her CDA and has over 10 years experience in Early Childhood. Jessica enjoys making crafts in her spare time, which she has become quite successful at. Jessica’s twin girls also attend CCYC in the 4/5 year old classroom.


Jennifer Lewis, Assistant Teacher

This is Jen’s second year with us here at CCYC. She has experience as a director at a local ministry, and also has her Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) in Early Childhood. She job shares the Assistant position in the 3’s class with Jessica Green. Jen is here Monday-Wednesday. She enjoys spending her days off chasing her grandchildren around.



Holly Decker, CO-Lead Teacher

This is Holly’s ninth year at CCYC, she has experience at both centers. Holly recently completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood from Ball State University through the T.E.A.C.H. Scholarship. Holly is a mom to three little boys, two of them also attend CCYC.

Grace THOMAS, Co-Lead Teacher

Grace Thomas is a co-teacher in the twos classroom. Originally from Scottdale, PA and later Harrisonburg, VA, she graduated from Goshen College in 2016 with a BA in English and a minor in art. She is now in her seventh year of working at CCYC (four years as a college student, three as a full-time teacher in the toddler and twos.) Grace now lives
in Goshen with her husband and enjoys reading, cooking, painting, and gardening in her free time.


Nancy Shay, Assistant Teacher and Float

Nancy is going on her eleventh year at CCYC where she has taken on many different roles. Currently she is assisting in our two year old classroom and helping out in other classrooms as needed. Nancy has her Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) in Early Childhood.



Amanda Landis, Lead Teacher

Amanda is a true CCYC veteran, she has been with our program for thirteen years! She loops with her Toddler group every year into the 2’s class for continuity of care. Amanda graduated from Goshen College with a Bachelor’s degree in Education. She enjoys time with her 2 dogs and cats, baking, and reading in her spare time.


Amy Vance, Assistant Teacher

This is Amy’s seventh year at CCYC, she and Amanda both loop with their Toddlers every year for continuity of care. Amy has her Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) in Early Childhood. She enjoys going on adventures with her son, Jason.

Arbor Ridge Staff


Amber Bowers, Program Director

Amber is going on her fifth year here at CCYC, and has taken on the leadership role at our Arbor Ridge location. She enjoys doing life with her husband and 4 children and likes to do puzzles and read in her spare time. Amber has an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood and a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from IUSB.

Infant Waddler


Aida Acevedo, Lead Teacher

Aida Acevedo is a Registered Nurse and has been in the field for 8 years working with kids between 0-5 years. She has experience working as a Nurse, Case Manager and Family and Commumity Specialist. She also has experience with Early Head Start and Head Start. She is now working with our youngest group of Infants and Waddlers. She sees her children as the future of the world, and enjoys providing them with a strong foundation of love and respect which they will carry with them as they grow and develop.


Sarah Bunch, Assistant Teacher

Toddler Teachers


Jessica Miller, Co-Lead Teacher/Administrative Assistant

Jessica is entering her 18th year of working at CCYC. She says there is no place like home and that holds true for her place here at CCYC. She is teaching in the toddler/two's room and has spread her wings this year becoming an administrative assistant, helping in the office in the afternoons. She currently has a CDA, and wishes to further her education in the EC field. Teaching children has and will always be, her passion. When time allows, her husband and two children (Madison, 17 and Harrison, 13) enjoy vacationing in Florida.


Ashley Smith, Co-Lead Teacher

Ashley has her Associates Degree in Early Childhood and has experience at CCYC in the Infant/Waddler room and the Toddler classroom.


Shelby Borntrager, Assistant Teacher/Float

Shelby loves to spend time with family and friends, loves doing jigsaw puzzles, going for long walks and bike rides, and reading new books. This is Shelby’s fourth year at CCYC where she has completed her Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) in Early Childhood.

3-5 Year Olds


Jenna Mikel, Lead Teacher

Jenna graduated with a bachelors degree in early childhood education from Bethel College. She is the lead teacher in the 3-5’s class at the Arbor Ridge location. She enjoys spending time with her family, watching movies, and photography. 

Korena Sanchez, Assistant Teacher

Korena has been with CCYC for four years and has her CDA.


Bailey Fiant, Assistant Teacher

Bailey is currently on maternity leave, but has hopes to return this spring!